Practice with Donna Wood in San Diego

Feldenkrais – Private Sessions/ “Functional Integration”®(FI)

A private FI session involves lying on a massage-like table, fully clothed, while the Practitioner touches and gently moves specific parts of the body and limbs. The aim is to discover patterns of movement that will lead to improvement in the way a person feels and functions.

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For more information: Functional Integration


Feldenkrais – Group Classes/ “Awareness Through Movement”®(ATM)

Donna’s group classes welcome all levels of experience. Lying on floor mats or sitting in chairs, classes begin with slow, unusual, delicate movements in a variety of positions, and progress into more dynamic, challenging movements. This process enhances our balance, coordination, fosters creative thinking, and helps us develop new postural habits.

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For more information: Awareness Through Movement


Group Classes/ Mindful Movement for Families 

Improve posture, balance, and concentration for kids and their families! A fun way for parents and kids to learn about the connection between body and mind, these micro classes are creative and customized to each group of up to seven. Classes are held at the Feldenkrais San Diego studio.

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For more information: Mindful Movement for Families


Group Classes/ Powerful Posture 

Posture and ergonomics are finally getting their due in the workplace. Mindfulness of both can increase productivity while combating stress and anxiety. Classes are held on-site, whether it’s a school, office, or other workplace setting, the idea is to observe and correct harmful habits, leaving students with lessons to that will positively impact the way they think and move in the workplace.

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For more information: Powerful Posture


 Workshops/ Feldenkrais Immersion Series

Donna’s immersion series offers in-depth learning of individual facets of the Feldenkrais Method. Usually spanning an afternoon, workshops provide a calm and accepting learning environment for those yearning to take the next step in bettering their quality of life through Feldenkrais.

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For more information: Feldenkrais Immersion Series


Group Class/ Aikido with Donna Wood

Aikido is often referred to as the art of falling. It’s graceful and low impact nature mesh perfectly with both the Feldenkrais Method and Donna’s experience with martial arts. She’s happy to offer weekly Aikido classes for all skill levels.

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For more information: Aikido with Donna Wood



Group Class/ Movement for Artists

Suffering from writer’s block or a similar creative crossroad? Donna uses inspiration from her experience as a sculptor to build a fascinating perspective on the link between expression and movement in these mind opening weekly sessions.

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For more information: Movement for Artists